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Beware of this company! The owner, Allen, promises great workmanship in a timely manner but this is far from the truth. We contracted for a poured driveway and approaches, as well as a new (cement block & slab) porch. He left the work site a mess, and the porch slab was so terribly done that it cost us easily 2-3 weeks from listing our house for sale.

At every turn, Allen said he'd finish and (although, in fairness, weather was uncooperative SOME of the time) days turned into weeks awaiting him and/or his crew to finish. Meanwhile, he was working on other jobs just down the street.

I won't go into all the excuses he gave...just know this: ALL THREE customers down the block from where he did my work (who contracted with him after seeing him at my house) are dissatisfied with dealing with him.

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I contracted with the company to redo my backyard and create a dream oasis. Im a soldier currently deployed to Afghanistan. My work was supposed to be completed in time for my R&R. Im getting ready to go back over and my job in still in its beginning phase it seems. I have paid out $5000. I haven't seen my money's worth. Everyday, Im hearing about the crew being sick, weather, construction blues, etc. I have been home over a week and I still haven't seen Mike (the main contractor) on my job. Please beware before doing business with these two. They will be quick to take your money and then after that, GOOD LUCK!! They will tell you these complaints are fraudulent and that they are in litigation to get them removed, don't believe them.

I asked for a refund since they are not going to get the job done. Pam told me it was scheduled to be completed. When I asked for the scheduled date, she couldn't tell me. She said that the money I paid went to materials... i promise you, there isn't $5000 worth of materials in my yard. Apart from that, the one worker said he had to go pick up materials the one day that he showed up late to the job so if the materials were purchased.....

They've done such a *** poor job that Mike told me that "when" its completed, if I don't like it, i don't have to pay the balance but then Pam asked if I would pay the balance if the job was completed. I have no problem paying for any work done for me but it is not going to be completed so I am going to see my lawyer on Monday and Im suing the *** out of this company. BUYER BEWARE!

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Richardson, Texas, United States #669229

Did you guys ever get this resolved? Have they paid u a dime?

Dallas, Texas, United States #649831

Ok. Seems that no one has been taken care of from these ppl. Also saw that they had company under name Matco that did some ppl wrong.

Dallas, Texas, United States #644088

did this ever get resolved?

to question Columbus, Ohio, United States #644336

No it did not. I ended up contracting another company to come fix everything.

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Concrete Concepts - Contractor Mike Richardson walked away with materials funds, haven't heard from since

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Update by user Dec 19, 2011

Contractor has made contact and is attempting to make this right.We\'ll keep you posted.

Assuming they do as they say I won\'t update this complaint.

- Consumer

Original review posted by user Dec 10, 2011

Contractor has gone missing and only wants to text.

Mike and Pam Richardson came to my house several months ago and accepted a contract for a pool. They have since completed the footings for the retaining wall meant to hold the pool. Thats it.

They have taken 5,000 as down payment.

Everything is tomorrow... yea yea we'll show up with a big crew on Fri, then Monday... no something happened we'll be there Tues. I told him I want my money back and we're done.. They clearly spent the money and I can't get a dime back

I would caution anyone at this point that is current in a contract or considering them. Some of their aliases include Concrete Concepts, precision concrete.. Concrete Concepts of Texas

They are from BFE Missouri and I suspect they did the same thing there.

Information leading to there whereabouts will be rewarded. Cash!

Information leading to there whereabouts # 424-354-9533

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Sorry anthony. He ptolly wouldnt have gotten to staining it w/o me as he was gone 3./4 of the time. Wish it got done right, you were a nice guy


I worked for mike and I believe it was on anthonys home.I found him on craifslist and started work .

Owed me 460 dollars and I had my mom drive me from ft worth to grand praire for four days.. Didnt see a a dime.

Ora gatorade or lunch.Dudes an ***


I worked for mike and I believe it was on anthonys home.I found him on craifslist and started work .

Owed me 460 dollars and I had my mom drive me from ft worth to grand praire for four days.. Didnt see a a dime.

Ora gatorade or lunch.Dudes an ***


It seems they are doing the same thing to me.Its been almost a month and only 1/3 of the work is done.

Everyday, it is a different excuse about why they can't be on the job. Everytime, they tell me the job is going to be completed at the end of the week but at the end of the week, there is very little progress. I am a soldier home on R&R from Afghanistan. Ive saved up for almost a year out here in the hellhole to get my dream backyard.

They've stolen my money and sullied my dream.Im very disheartened.


Similar situation with me. They botched a job on my house and keep saying they are going to pay money back, but keep coming up with more lies.




Still haven't received funds as promised..Pam says her scanner is broken and can't agree to payment terms either...

Didn't have any trouble when it was time to sign and take funds?

Its nearly the end of the month will keep you posted..



Contractor never ran off with any money and a portion of the funds were returned. The contractor is simply trying to work out an agreement that is fair for both parties and not one sided

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